Racing was dangerous. Life-threatening. And it only got worse as the technology increased.

Drivers died every year. And those in charge allowed it. They liked it. It was dramatic. It drew a crowd.

It was during this time that drivers started to fight backā€¦ by any means necessary.

Sebastian Eckstein is sitting on his fourth world championship in the sport of Formula Cross racing. He enjoys the company of fans and the respect of his peers.

But he's beginning to notice some strange changes. The tracks he races on have heavy dark spots that cloud his ability to drive. And sometimes... he feels something pulling at him. Grabbing him. A creature in his own skin that pulls whenever Sebastian really gets into the driving spirit... and he's afraid that one day the creature will escape and he won't be able to control it any longer. 

To keep the  creature satisfied, he takes him out on nightly drives, thinking this will keep it at bay. Little does he know that every nighttime drive only draws the dark spots out more... 

Now it's time for Sebastian to face his fears. With the help of his fellow drivers, he might finally discover what these dark spots on the track are... and how to combat them while still racing for the ultimate prize of World Champion.