Sebastian Eckstein

The Driver

Sebastian Eckstein has been driving competitively since he was eight years old. He started with cart racing, and quickly ran through the various ranks of racing, proving himself to be a fantastic racer. He entered Formula Cross at the age of nineteen. He earned his first World Championship at age twenty-one, and at age twenty-four, he's currently undefeated and headed for his fourth championship.

The Weredriver

Sebastian started showing signs of having a werebeast at age eleven. Initially, the only affects of the beast were internal and no transformation followed it. Over the years, the transformation slowly started pushing its way through, though Sebastian denied it for a long time. During his fifth race in Formula Cross, he had his first full transformation... and his first win, which he knew was attributed to the beast. Because of this, he's reluctant to tell anyone about the issue.

The Werebeast

Sebastian's werebeast is named Gepard, which means "cheetah" in German. Werebeasts name themselves, and aren't usually terribly original. Gepard is rather wild, though at the same time shy, which contributed to the slow break into Sebastian. The beast is also fiercely protective of the tracks they race on and eager to fight against the track gremlins that plague them. He often uses previous werebeasts as inspiration.